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Championship League Snooker 2018 live scores and tournament schedule

John Higgins is the defending champion (credit: Warren Little/Getty Images)

Snooker's exclusive internet-streamed event returns at the start of 2018 with some of the world's top players descending on Coventry, and you can keep in touch with all the latest results, fixtures and tables here.

Staged by Matchroom Multi-Sport, the invitational event will be played behind closed doors at the Ricoh Arena for the second time following its switch from Crondon Park Golf Club in Essex last year.

There is a lucrative prize fund on offer of between £100-£300 per frame won and a further £10,000 to the winner, as well as a place in the Champion of Champions event later in the year.

Seven groups of seven players will produce seven winners, who will then face off in one further group to determine the winner of the 2018 Championship League.

In each group, every player will play each other once over the best of five frames, following which the top four players will contest in the play offs – Semi-Finals and Final – over the same distance.

Players will be awarded one point for each match won, then most frames won and the least frames lost in the league series will determine their position in the league table. Dead frames will not be played in either the league or knockout stages.

The play-off winner will progress to the Winners’ Group of Championship League Snooker, while the players coming sixth and seventh in the group will be relegated and will not feature in any further group matches.

Therefore, after the group has played its total of 24 matches (21 league matches plus the semi-finals and final) three players will leave and be replaced by a further three players for the next group.

Among the notable names in action include defending champion John Higgins, world number one Mark Selby, Neil Robertson, Shaun Murphy and three-time winner Judd Trump, while Mark King and Anthony Hamilton return to the event and there is a first appearance for Chinese prodigy Zhou Yuelong.

Prize Fund

Groups 1-7
Winner: £3,000
Runner-up: £2,000
Losing semi-finalists: £1,000
Per Frame Won In League: £100
Per Frame Won In Play-Offs: £300
High Break Prize: £500

Winners' Group
Champion: £10,000
Runner-up: £5,000
Losing semi-finalists: £3,000
Per Frame Won In Play-Offs: £300
Per Frame Won In League: £200
High Break Prize: £1,000

Championship League 2018 Tournament Schedule

Group One

Tuesday January 2

Ryan Day 1-3 Zhou Yuelong
Kyren Wilson 3-1 Stephen Maguire

Anthony Hamilton 3-1 Kyren Wilson
Mark King 2-3 Michael Holt

Stephen Maguire 3-1 Ryan Day
Zhou Yuelong 3-2 Mark King

Kyren Wilson 1-3 Ryan Day
Michael Holt 1-3 Anthony Hamilton

Mark King 3-2 Anthony Hamilton
Stephen Maguire 3-2 Zhou Yuelong

Ryan Day 3-1 Anthony Hamilton
Michael Holt 1-3 Zhou Yuelong

Wednesday January 3

Stephen Maguire 3-2 Mark King
Kyren Wilson 3-1 Michael Holt

Ryan Day 1-3 Michael Holt
Zhou Yuelong 3-0 Anthony Hamilton

Stephen Maguire 2-3 Anthony Hamilton
Kyren Wilson 0-3 Mark King

Ryan Day 3-2 Mark King
Stephen Maguire 3-1 Michael Holt

Kyren Wilson 3-0 Zhou Yuelong

Stephen Maguire 2-3 Anthony Hamilton
Zhou Yuelong 3-2 Ryan Day

Zhou Yuelong 3-2 Anthony Hamilton

Group One Table

PositionPlayerPlayedWonLostFWFLPointsPrize Money
1Stephen Maguire64215124£3,100
2Zhou Yuelong64214104£6,200
3Ryan Day63312133£3,300
4Anthony Hamilton63312133£4,700
5Kyren Wilson63311113£1,100
6Mark King (E)62414142£1,400
7Michael Holt (E)62410152£1,000

Group Two

Thursday January 4

Mark Selby 3-1 Neil Robertson
Barry Hawkins 3-2 Kyren Wilson

Stephen Maguire 1-3 Mark Selby
Ryan Day 3-0 Anthony Hamilton

Neil Robertson 3-2 Barry Hawkins
Kyren Wilson 1-3 Ryan Day

Mark Selby 2-3 Barry Hawkins
Anthony Hamilton 3-0 Stephen Maguire

Neil Robertson 3-2 Kyren Wilson
Ryan Day 1-3 Stephen Maguire

Anthony Hamilton 1-3 Kyren Wilson
Barry Hawkins 3-0 Stephen Maguire

Friday January 5

Mark Selby 2-3 Anthony Hamilton
Neil Robertson 3-0 Ryan Day

Barry Hawkins 3-1 Anthony Hamilton
Kyren Wilson 3-0 Stephen Maguire

Mark Selby 2-3 Ryan Day
Neil Robertson 2-3 Stephen Maguire

Barry Hawkins 3-1 Ryan Day
Anthony Hamilton w/o Neil Robertson 

Mark Selby 3-0 Kyren Wilson

Barry Hawkins 3-1 Kyren Wilson
Mark Selby 3-0 Ryan Day

Mark Selby 3-1 Barry Hawkins

Group Two Table

PositionPlayerPlayedWonLostFWFLPointsPrize Money
1Barry Hawkins5501565£4,900
2Ryan Day5321193£2,100
3Mark Selby52312102£6,300
4Kyren Wilson5239102£2,400
5Anthony Hamilton5238112£1,100
6Stephen Maguire (E)5144131£700
7Neil Robertson (w/d)-----0£1,700

*Note: Neil Robertson withdrew midway through the group meaning his matches become void towards the final standings

Group Three

Monday January 8

Tom Ford 1-3 Mark Allen
Ali Carter 3-2 Anthony Hamilton

Kyren Wilson 3-2 Tom Ford
Ryan Day 3-2 Barry Hawkins

Mark Allen 3-0 Ali Carter
Anthony Hamilton 3-1 Ryan Day

Tom Ford 0-3 Ali Carter
Barry Hawkins 3-0 Kyren Wilson

Mark Allen 2-3 Anthony Hamilton
Ryan Day 2-3 Kyren Wilson

Barry Hawkins 3-2 Anthony Hamilton
Ali Carter 2-3 Kyren Wilson

Tuesday January 9

Tom Ford 3-0 Barry Hawkins
Mark Allen 3-0 Ryan Day

Ali Carter 0-3 Barry Hawkins
Anthony Hamilton 1-3 Kyren Wilson

Tom Ford 3-1 Ryan Day
Mark Allen 3-1 Kyren Wilson

Ali Carter 3-2 Ryan Day
Mark Allen 1-3 Barry Hawkins

Tom Ford 3-1 Anthony Hamilton

Mark Allen 3-2 Tom Ford
Barry Hawkins 1-3 Kyren Wilson

Mark Allen 1-3 Kyren Wilson

Group Three Table

PositionPlayerPlayedWonLostFWFLPointsPrize Money
1Mark Allen6421584£4,700
2Barry Hawkins6421494£2,700
3Kyren Wilson64213134£6,600
4Tom Ford63312113£2,800
5Ali Carter63311133£1,100
6Anthony Hamilton (E)62412152£1,200
7Ryan Day (E)6159171£900

Group Four

Wednesday January 10

Shaun Murphy 3-1 Liang Wenbo
Judd Trump 3-0 Ali Carter

Tom Ford 2-3 Shaun Murphy

Liang Wenbo 0-3 Judd Trump
Ali Carter 0-3 Barry Hawkins

Shaun Murphy 0-3 Judd Trump

Liang Wenbo 3-2 Ali Carter
Barry Hawkins 3-1 Tom Ford

Judd Trump 3-1 Tom Ford

Thursday January 11

Liang Wenbo 3-1 Barry Hawkins
Ali Carter 3-0 Tom Ford

Shaun Murphy 2-3 Barry Hawkins
Liang Wenbo 0-3 Tom Ford

Judd Trump 1-3 Barry Hawkins
Shaun Murphy 1-3 Ali Carter

Judd Trump 0-3 Ali Carter
Barry Hawkins 2-3 Shaun Murphy

Shaun Murphy 1-3 Ali Carter

Note: Mark Allen withdrew from Group Four for family reasons.

Group Four Table

PositionPlayerPlayedWonLostFWFLPointsPrize Money
1Judd Trump5411344£2,600
2Barry Hawkins5411374£3,200
3Shaun Murphy5239122£4,400
4Ali Carter5238102£5,900
5Liang Wenbo5237122£1,500
6Tom Ford (E)5147121£1,000
7Mark Allen (E)000000£1,000

Group Five

Tuesday January 23

Martin Gould 3-1 Ricky Walden
Mark Williams 1-3 Ben Woollaston

Judd Trump 3-1 Martin Gould
Joe Perry 1-3 David Gilbert

Ricky Walden 1-3 Mark Williams
Ben Woollaston 1-3 Joe Perry

Martin Gould 1-3 Mark Williams
David Gilbert 0-3 Judd Trump

Ricky Walden 3-2 Ben Woollaston
Joe Perry 1-3 Judd Trump

David Gilbert 1-3 Ben Woollaston
Mark Williams 0-3 Judd Trump

Wednesday January 24

Martin Gould 3-0 David Gilbert
Ricky Walden 2-3 Joe Perry

Mark Williams 3-0 David Gilbert
Ben Woollaston 3-2 Judd Trump

Martin Gould 3-1 Joe Perry
Ricky Walden 3-2 Judd Trump

Mark Williams 3-0 Joe Perry
Ricky Walden 3-0 David Gilbert

Martin Gould 1-3 Ben Woollaston


Judd Trump 2-3 Ricky Walden
Ben Woollaston 1-3 Mark Williams


Ricky Walden 1-3 Mark Williams

Group Five Table

PositionPlayerPlayedWonLostFWFLPointsPrize Money
1Judd Trump6421684£1,600
2Ben Woollaston64215114£1,500
3Mark Williams6421384£1,300
4Ricky Walden63313133£1,300
5Martin Gould63312113£1,200
6Joe Perry6249152£900
7David Gilbert6154161£400

Group Six

Thursday January 25

Li Hang 3-0 Michael White
Graeme Dott 3-1 Martin Gould

Judd Trump 0-3 Li Hang
Ben Woollaston 1-3 Ricky Walden

Michael White 2-3 Graeme Dott
Martin Gould 3-0 Ben Woollaston

Li Hang 3-2 Graeme Dott
Ricky Walden 0-3 Judd Trump

Michael White 1-3 Martin Gould 
Ben Woollaston 1-3 Judd Trump

Ricky Walden 0-3 Martin Gould
Graeme Dott 0-3 Judd Trump

Friday January 26

Li Hang 2-3 Ricky Walden
Michael White 3-0 Ben Woollaston

Graeme Dott 2-3 Ricky Walden
Martin Gould 3-2 Judd Trump

Li Hang 1-3 Ben Woollaston
Michael White 0-3 Judd Trump

Graeme Dott 3-2 Ben Woollaston
Michael White 2-3 Ricky Walden

Li Hang 2-3 Martin Gould


Judd Trump 3-0 Ricky Walden
Martin Gould 3-2 Li Hang


Martin Gould 3-0 Judd Trump

Group Six Table

PositionPlayerPlayedWonLostFWFLPointsPrize Money
1Martin Gould6511685£6,900
2Judd Trump6421474£4,300
3Ricky Walden64212134£2,200
4Li Hang63314113£3,000
5Graeme Dott63313143£1,300
6Michael White6158151£800
7Ben Woollaston6157161£700

Group Seven

Monday March 26

John Higgins 0-3 Luca Brecel - *Brecel makes a 147 break*
Robert Milkins 1-3 Dominic Dale

Ricky Walden 2-3 John Higgins
Jimmy Robertson 0-3 Judd Trump

Luca Brecel 1-3 Robert Milkins
Dominic Dale 1-3 Jimmy Robertson

John Higgins 3-1 Robert Milkins
Judd Trump 3-1 Ricky Walden

Luca Brecel 0-3 Dominic Dale
Jimmy Robertson 3-0 Ricky Walden

Judd Trump 3-2 Dominic Dale
Robert Milkins 1-3 Ricky Walden

Tuesday March 27

John Higgins 3-1 Judd Trump
Luca Brecel 2-3 Jimmy Robertson

Robert Milkins 1-3 Judd Trump
Dominic Dale 2-3 Ricky Walden

John Higgins 2-3 Jimmy Robertson
Luca Brecel 0-3 Ricky Walden

Robert Milkins 1-3 Jimmy Robertson
Luca Brecel 1-3 Judd Trump

John Higgins 3-0 Dominic Dale


Judd Trump 3-1 Ricky Walden
John Higgins 3-1 Jimmy Robertson


Judd Trump 2-3 John Higgins

Group Seven Table

PositionPlayerPlayedWonLostFWFLPointsPrize Money
1Judd Trump6511685£5,100
2Jimmy Robertson6511595£2,800
3John Higgins64214104£6,200
4Ricky Walden63312123£2,500
5Dominic Dale62411132£1,100
6Robert Milkins6158161£800
7Luca Brecel6157151£1,200

Winners’ Group

Wednesday March 28

Zhou Yuelong 3-2 Mark Selby
Kyren Wilson 3-1 Ali Carter

Mark Williams 3-2 Zhou Yuelong
Martin Gould 0-3 John Higgins

Mark Selby 3-1 Kyren Wilson
Ali Carter 3-0 Martin Gould

Zhou Yuelong 3-1 Kyren Wilson
John Higgins 3-2 Mark Williams

Mark Selby 1-3 Ali Carter
Martin Gould 3-1 Mark Williams

John Higgins 2-3 Ali Carter
Kyren Wilson 3-1 Mark Williams

Thursday March 29

Zhou Yuelong 2-3 John Higgins
Mark Selby 3-0 Martin Gould

Kyren Wilson 1-3 John Higgins
Ali Carter 3-2 Mark Williams

Zhou Yuelong 3-0 Martin Gould
Mark Selby 3-0 Mark Williams

Kyren Wilson 3-2 Martin Gould
Mark Selby 0-3 John Higgins

Zhou Yuelong 2-3 Ali Carter


John Higgins 3-2 Mark Selby
Ali Carter 0-3 Zhou Yuelong


John Higgins 3-2 Zhou Yuelong

Winner's Group Table

PositionPlayerPlayedWonLostFWFLPointsPrize Money
1John Higgins6511785£3,400
2Ali Carter65116105£3,200
3Zhou Yuelong63315123£3,000
4Mark Selby63312103£2,400
5Kyren Wilson63312133£2,400
6Mark Williams6159171£1,800
7Martin Gould6155161£1,000

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Championship League Snooker 2018 live scores and tournament schedule

Snooker's exclusive internet-streamed event returns at the start of 2018 with some of the world's top players descending on Coventry, and you can keep in touch with all the latest results, fixtures and tables here.

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