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The A-Z of Anthony McGill - Getting to know the Shoot-Out champion

Anthony McGill goes under the spotlight

Following his victory at the Shoot-Out, we find out more about new world number 16 Anthony McGill both on and off the table...

Abroad - What is your favourite holiday destination?
"I must admit I'm not big on holidays because we travel so much. Plus, I'm not a sun worshipper - I bake in it because of my red hair and fair skin! I really like going to Germany on the snooker tour. I really like the people there and it's so clean - the train stations are just spotless."

Book - What is the last book you read?
"I'm currently reading Celtic - 50th Anniversary of Lisbon - it's about the season where they won everything."

Cue - What cue do you use?
"Maximus - I've had it for a year and a half and I used an Exquisite cue before. I was at a tournament in Thailand and they were making free cues for the players, so I asked them to make me one knowing if it wasn't any good that I could just put in the cupboard but if it was then I could use it. It came and it was brilliant!"

Day - What happens in a typical working day for you?
"I get up between 7.30 and 8am, get breakfast and showered and go to practise. Sometimes, I start at about 10am, go home at about 3pm to get some food and go back for the evening from around 7pm until 9pm. Otherwise, I'll go in at 10am and stay until about 5pm. I don't class myself as good enough to get away with practising for just an hour or two, I feel like I need to put in the hours in order to compete."

Education - How would you get on in a pub quiz?
"Not very good, I don't think - I don't watch a lot of news or anything where you pick up quiz-type knowledge. I'm not daft, but I don't think I'd be on the winning team!"

Film - What is your favourite film?
"I don't watch a lot of movies but my favourite is probably Trainspotting, although I thought the second one was garbage."

Goals - What are your aims for this season?
"My first aim is to be in the top 16 for the Crucible and the second is to have a good tournament there."

Hobbies - What are your interests away from the table?
"I enjoy Cycling - I'm not that good at it but I do like to do it in the summer. I also watch a lot of things on YouTube, I just love doing that and sitting on the sofa like a couch potato!"

Idols - Who are yours?
"Growing up it was John Higgins. You don't have so many when you become an adult, but I'd love to have a career like the one he's had."

Job - What would you be if you weren't a snooker player?
"I don't think I could go to university or anything like that - I don't think I could do that amount of studying with your head in a book for hours and hours. I don't crave a lot of money or have an expensive lifestyle, so it wouldn't be something that I'd need to make a lot of money out of but just enjoy."

Kid - Were you a well-behaved child?
"Yes, I was very well-behaved - I never skipped school once and I like to think I didn't give my mom and dad too much trouble. But, once I got into snooker, I was glued to the table throughout my whole childhood."

Lucky - What is the biggest piece of luck you've ever had?
"Winning the Shoot-Out. It's lucky that they've made it a ranking event and it might get me in the Crucible, Champion of Champions and maybe even the Masters all for playing seven frames of snooker and not even finishing most of them."

Moan - What makes you have a good moan?
"I hate bad drivers when I'm on the road and I get quite angry sometimes. It's unusual because I'm quite laidback with most other things, but they drive me up the wall!"

Nightmare - What is your worst ever moment on a snooker table?
"I remember my first year as a pro. I started well and had a really good six months, but I won my final match in December and didn't win another until the following August. Fortunately, all the tournaments seemed to be in the first six months and there was space in between the rest. I remember losing in the World Championship during that run and didn't even care, which was bad because it was my first one and I should've been distraught."

Oops! - What is the clumsiest thing you've ever done?
"During my first season, we had a tournament abroad. I turned up at the airport to check in, but I'd booked my flight for the previous month! Luckily, there were seats on the plane so I was able to book another one, but I slept in for a month!"

Picky - Is there anything that you're particular about?
"I don't eat any animal foods, which can be quite challenging when you're travelling because you can't just go to any restaurant. Also, when I don't practise as much as I should, I get really annoyed with myself and feel guilty."

Quiet - How long could you last in a sponsored silence?
"I don't say a lot most of the time, so I could probably last quite a long time."

Retirement - What do you plan to do after hanging up your cue?
"Through snooker, I'd like to be in a position where I can have a few properties bought, paid for and rented out, which would be my income and I'd have the time to do what I want myself. There's enough money in snooker for me do that so, if I can sort out something like that, I'll have done extremely well."

Shopping - Where do you buy your clothes from?
"I've started buying things from Hollister. I never used to like it there because it was so dark and the music was too loud, but I've bought a couple of pairs of jeans from there and they're alright."

Telly - What are your favourite programmes?
"Normally, I'll just put on Sky Sports News but, otherwise, I'm watching Homeland at the moment - I'm watching it from the start again and I think it's amazing."

Unforgettable - What is your greatest ever moment on a snooker table?
"It's between winning the Indian Open and beating Mark Selby at the Crucible. I'll say beating Mark - he was World champion at the time and I was just a qualifier. For two days and three sessions, I felt like I outplayed him, controlled the whole match and it's probably my greatest achievement."

McGill (R) classes his victory over Mark Selby at the Crucible in 2015 as the greatest achievement of his career thus far (Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Venue - What is your favourite venue to play at?
"The Crucible - it's just a special place and a different class."

Wheels - What car do you drive?
"I've just got a Volkswagen Golf. I drove a Peugeot 207 for years and would've kept driving it because I'm not really into cars, but I just thought I'd treat myself mainly because of the amount of travelling I do up and down the motorway."

X - If you could kiss any girl in the world, who would it be?
"Emma Stone - she's a redhead as well and I like them!"

Yikes! - Do you have any phobias?
"I don't think so."

Zzzz - What sends you to sleep?
"Watching snooker. At the UK Championship, I was sat quite high up in the Barbican and it was warm and I fell asleep watching the snooker. Apparently, I was snoring and Olivier Marteel came up to wake me up!"

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The A-Z of Anthony McGill - Getting to know the Shoot-Out champion

Following his victory at the Shoot-Out, we find out more about new world number 16 Anthony McGill both on and off the table...

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