Shaun Murphy: My Perfect Player – The Magician casts his selections

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Shaun Murphy is next to enter the laboratory (credit:World Snooker)

In a new and exclusive feature, we ask players to name who they believe to be the best fit for each part of the body from head to toe – thus, constructing the perfect Snooker player.

Next up, Triple Crown winner Shaun Murphy goes under the spotlight…

Who has the best HAIR?“Definitely me – by a mile!”

Who has the best Snooker BRAIN?“John Higgins.”

Who has the best PERSONALITY?“There’s a lot of banter on tour, everyone’s good at practical jokes and there’s a lot of laughs on tour. Mark Allen’s pretty witty and good craic.”

Who has the best TEMPERAMENT?“Someone who never gives up – probably Mark Selby.”

Who has the best WAISTCOATS?“Me by a mile – it’s not even a close competition!”

Who has the best RIGHT ARM?“That’s a very difficult one – I’m going to go for Mark Selby.”

Who has the best LEFT ARM?“Neil Robertson.”

Who has the best CUE ACTION?“Probably Ronnie O’Sullivan – I think the way he hits the ball is very special.”

Who has the best TROUSERS?“Very easy – Alan McManus by a country mile.”

Who has the best SHOES?“Myself – I’m dominating the hair, waistcoat and shoes categories, so it’s time that the other lads stepped up a little bit.”