Championship league Snooker 2021 Draw, Live Scores and Tournament Schedule

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Gary Wilson admits he is “totally gone” following Championship League foul against John Higgins

Defending champion Kyren Wilson in action

Championship League Snooker returns in 2021 and you can follow the latest results, fixtures and tables here.

The latest staging of the Championship League features 25 players competing at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes, with players earning prize money for every frame won.

The tournament has been upgraded to a ranking event and will see players initially competing in eight groups of seven players.

The top four from each group qualify for a play-off, with the winners of the first seven play-offs qualifying for the Winners Group.

The bottom two players of each group are eliminated and the remaining four move to the next group – where they are joined by three more players until the seventh group.

The winners will face off in the final group for the outright title, £10,000 in prize money and a place in November’s Champion of Champions.

Kyren Wilson is the defending champion after he defeated Judd Trump 3-1 in the final of the most recent staging of the event last October.

Wilson is among a high quality field which also includes world number one Trump and former World Champions Mark Selby, John Higgins, Stuart Bingham and Graeme Dott.

The tournament commences on January 4 and finishes on April 1, with groups split across the three-month period.

All matches are to be contested over the best of five frames.

Matches from both tables are available to watch live on desktop and mobile devices in the UK and various other regions worldwide.


Championship league Snooker 2021 Tournament Schedule

January 4-5

Group One

John Higgins 3-2 Stuart Bingham
Michael Holt 1-3 Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
John Higgins 3-0 Gary Wilson
Zhou Yuelong 2-3 Graeme Dott
Stuart Bingham 3-2 Michael Holt
Gary Wilson 2-3 Graeme Dott
John Higgins 3-1 Michael Holt
Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 2-3 Zhou Yuelong
Michael Holt 1-3 Gary Wilson
Stuart Bingham 3-0 Thepchaiya Un-Nooh – *Bingham makes a 147 break*
Gary Wilson 3-2 Zhou Yuelong
John Higgins 3-2 Graeme Dott
Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 2-3 Graeme Dott
Stuart Bingham 2-3 Zhou Yuelong
Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 3-2 Gary Wilson
Michael Holt 0-3 Zhou Yuelong
Stuart Bingham 3-2 Gary Wilson
Michael Holt 1-3 Graeme Dott
John Higgins 0-3 Zhou Yuelong
Stuart Bingham 3-1 Graeme Dott
John Higgins 3-0 Thepchaiya Un-Nooh

Wednesday January 6

Group Two

Kyren Wilson 3-1 Scott Donaldson
Matthew Selt 3-1 Gary Wilson
Kyren Wilson 0-3 Graeme Dott
Stuart Bingham 2-3 John Higgins
Matthew Selt 1-3 Scott Donaldson
Graeme Dott 2-3 John Higgins
Kyren Wilson 1-3 Matthew Selt
Gary Wilson 3-1 Stuart Bingham
Matthew Selt 3-1 Graeme Dott
Scott Donaldson 3-0 Gary Wilson
Graeme Dott 3-2 Stuart Bingham
Kyren Wilson 2-3 John Higgins

Thursday January 7

Group Two

John Higgins 3-1 Gary Wilson
Stuart Bingham 1-3 Scott Donaldson

Gary Wilson 1-3 Graeme Dott
Stuart Bingham 3-1 Matthew Selt

Scott Donaldson 3-2 Graeme Dott
John Higgins 0-3 Matthew Selt

Kyren Wilson 3-2 Stuart Bingham

John Higgins 3-1 Scott Donaldson
Kyren Wilson 2-3 Gary Wilson


John Higgins 2-3 Graeme Dott
Matthew Selt 0-3 Scott Donaldson

Graeme Dott 3-1 Scott Donaldson

Friday January 8

Group Three

Mark Selby 3-1 Zhao Xintong
Kyren Wilson 3-1 Tom Ford

John Higgins 2-3 Zhao Xintong
Scott Donaldson 3-0 Matthew Selt

Mark Selby 0-3 Tom Ford
John Higgins 3-1 Scott Donaldson

Tom Ford 3-2 Zhao Xintong
Kyren Wilson 3-2 Matthew Selt

John Higgins 3-2 Tom Ford
Mark Selby 3-0 Kyren Wilson

John Higgins 3-0 Matthew Selt
Scott Donaldson 2-3 Zhao Xintong

Saturday January 9

Group Three

Kyren Wilson 3-2 Scott Donaldson
Mark Selby 0-3 Matthew Selt

Kyren Wilson 1-3 John Higgins
Matthew Selt 3-0 Tom Ford

Mark Selby 3-2 John Higgins
Scott Donaldson 1-3 Tom Ford

Matthew Selt 2-3 Zhao Xintong

Mark Selby 2-3 Scott Donaldson
Kyren Wilson 3-1 Zhao Xintong


John Higgins 3-2 Tom Ford
Kyren Wilson 3-1 Zhao Xintong

John Higgins 3-0 Kyren Wilson

Fixtures from February 8 onwards TBC

Championship League Snooker Groups 1-7 Prize Fund
Winner: £3,000
Runner-up: £2,000
Semi-Final losers: £1,000
Frame-win (league stage): £100
Frame-win (play-offs): £300
Highest break: £500

Championship League Snooker Winners’ Group Prize Fund
Winner: £10,000
Runner-up: £5,000
Semi-Final losers: £3,000
Frame-win (league stage): £200
Frame-win (play-offs): £300
Highest break: £1,000