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Snooker Shoot Out 2023 | Draw, Live Scores and Schedule of Play

Jamie Shaw in Snooker Shoot-Out

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Hossein Vafaei secures historic Snooker Shoot Out triumph

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Snooker Shoot Out 2023 | Day Two Preview and Order of Play

Hossein Vafaei is the defending champion

The 2023 Snooker Shoot Out features a fast and frenetic four days of action, and you can follow the latest results and schedule of play here.

The unique shot-clock competition features 128 players competing for a £50,000 top prize at the Morningside Arena in Leicester from January 25-28.

The Shoot Out was confirmed as a ranking event in 2017, with prize money from the first six stagings having previously not counted towards the Order of Merit.

Hossein Vafaei is the defending champion after he defeated Mark Williams by 71 points to nil in last year’s final.

No player has ever captured the Shoot Out title on more than one occasion since it began in 2011, while only 21 players have registered a century break.

The general rules of the Shoot-Out are the same as those in a traditional game of snooker, although there are several key variants that epitomise the uniqueness of the event.

These include all frames being capped at ten minutes, with the player scoring the most points declared the winner.

Players will lag to decide who breaks off and there will be a shot clock in operation, with the competitors having 15 seconds to complete each shot over the first five minutes of the frame, while just 10 seconds will be allocated during the last five minutes.

Players must hit a cushion or pot a ball with each they shot play otherwise it will be deemed a foul which, along with any other infringement, will result in the opponent being awarded the cue ball-in-hand.


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Snooker Shoot Out 2023 Schedule

Wednesday January 25

Round One

Hossein Vafaei 9-33 Shaun Murphy
Vladislav Gradinari 40-1 Ng On Yee
Jamie O’Neill 55-2 Ryan Thomerson
Liam Graham 21-43 Cao Yupeng
Ian Martin 23-42 Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
Luke Simmonds 21-45 Sam Craigie
Robbie McGuigan 52-3 Hammad Miah
James Cahill 15-50 Jordan Brown
Joe Perry 85-0 Luca Brecel
Lukas Kleckers 52-1 Rod Lawler
Joe O’Connor 20-28 Dylan Emery
Barry Pinches 16-12 Michael Judge
Anthony Hamilton 21-34 Ben Mertens
Andy Hicks 4-60 Rory McLeod
Jack Borwick 11-50 Ali Carter
Mark Williams 98-0 Craig Steadman

Jack Lisowski 36-29 Mark Allen
Martin Gould 75-20 Jamie Clarke
Alexander Ursenbacher 31-19 Aaron Hill
Robbie Williams 87-0 Mink Nutcharut
Mark Joyce 14-18 Victor Sarkis
Robert Milkins 47-14 Andy Lee
Sean O’Sullivan 13-26 Dean Young
Andrew Pagett 20-40 Ashley Hugill
Stephen Maguire 9-33 Ken Doherty
Jamie Jones 70-16 Jenson Kendrick
Ben Woollaston 64-1 Sanderson Lam
Muhammad Asif 21-42 Gerard Greene
Louis Heathcote 66-8 Oliver Lines
Jimmy White 7-44 Adam Duffy
Peng Yisong 1-65 Daniel Wells
Barry Hawkins 1-37 Jackson Page

Thursday January 26

Round One

Riley Powell 41-31 Kyren Wilson
Andres Petrov 4-113 Noppon Saengkham
Zak Surety 24-71 Fergal O’Brien
Fan Zhengyi 68-21 Ding Junhui
Michael Georgiou 75-1 Tian Pengfei
Matthew Stevens 49-54 Dominic Dale
John J Astley 36-32 Pang Junxu
Peter Lines 13-34 Julien Leclercq
David Grace 37-11 Lyu Haotian
Mark King 17-29 Jak Jones
Lei Peifan 0-116 Michael Holt
Yuan SiJun 60-43 Rebecca Kenna
Zhang Anda 29-46 Callum Beresford
Duane Jones 46-78 Zhou Yuelong
Dechawat Poomjaeng 33-14 Si Jiahui
Jimmy Robertson 56-1 Ryan Day

Mark Davis 22-20 Mark Selby
Alfie Burden 73-0 Ian Burns
Liam Highfield 61-1 Florian Nuessle
Michael White 72-1 Mitchell Mann
David Lilley 32-16 Oliver Brown
Asjad Iqbal 35-30 David Gilbert
Stuart Bingham 8-60 Reanne Evans
Ricky Walden 1-90 Gary Wilson
Steven Hallworth 38-18 Stuart Carrington
Xiao Guodong 106-1 Anton Kazakov
Elliot Slessor 43-42 Allan Taylor
Farakh Ajaib 25-30 Chris Wakelin
Xu Si 73-0 Matthew Selt
Ross Muir 48-10 Wu Yize
Himanshu Dinesh Jain 25-61 Tom Ford
Mohamed Ibrahim 14-51 Haydon Pinhey

Friday January 27

Round Two

Shaun Murphy 7-89 Mark Davis
David Grace 50-46 Ashley Hugill
Barry Pinches 22-42 Cao Yupeng
Joe Perry 30-16 Jamie Jones
Ken Doherty 0-76 Dominic Dale
Asjad Iqbal 73-33 Jimmy Robertson
David Lilley 67-7 Elliot Slessor
Jak Jones 54-32 Michael Georgiou
Robert Milkins 4-83 Alexander Ursenbacher
Julien Leclercq 93-5 Haydon Pinhey
Chris Wakelin 49-7 Alfie Burden
Ben Mertens 52-55 Fan Zhengyi
Zhou Yuelong 52-31 Robbie Williams
Jackson Page 32-69 Fergal O’Brien
Gerard Greene 37-55 Ali Carter
Michael Holt 16-13 Robbie McGuigan

Daniel Wells 38-2 Riley Powell
Vladislav Gradinari 42-20 Victor Sarkis
Ben Woollaston 13-9 Rory McLeod
Sam Craigie 17-87 Lukas Kleckers
Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 40-62 Dechawat Poomjaeng
Jordan Brown 0-68 Yuan SiJun
Gary Wilson 83-0 Reanne Evans
Ross Muir 22-29 Tom Ford
Mark Williams 45-41 Dean Young
Jamie O’Neill 12-44 Martin Gould
John Astley 7-53 Dylan Emery
Steven Hallworth 23-65 Noppon Saengkham
Liam Highfield 57-35 Louis Heathcote
Michael White 39-7 Callum Beresford
Xu Si 46-30 Xiao Guodong
Jack Lisowski 53-7 Adam Duffy

Saturday January 28

Round Three

Cao Yupeng 0-129 Ali Carter
Fergal O’Brien 21-39 Julien Leclercq
Tom Ford 91-28 Vladislav Gradinari
Dominic Dale 63-30 Asjad Iqbal
Fan Zhengyi 0-126 Michael Holt
David Grace 49-5 David Lilley
Daniel Wells 32-19 Ben Woollaston
Michael White 56-31 Alexander Ursenbacher
Joe Perry 14-33 Chris Wakelin
Jak Jones 28-8 Xu Si
Lukas Kleckers 27-35 Yuan SiJun
Zhou Yuelong 76-22 Gary Wilson
Dylan Emery 0-120 Noppon Saengkham
Liam Highfield 80-0 Martin Gould
Mark Davis 22-62 Jack Lisowski
Mark Williams 12-53 Dechawat Poomjaeng


Last 16
Tom Ford 20-14 Ali Carter
Yuan SiJun 47-53 Julien Leclercq
Dominic Dale 72-0 Zhou Yuelong
Michael White 50-9 David Grace
Chris Wakelin 38-35 Jak Jones
Noppon Saengkham 36-50 Daniel Wells
Michael Holt 47-38 Jack Lisowski
Liam Highfield 79-3 Dechawat Poomjaeng

Daniel Wells 57-16 Tom Ford
Liam Highfield 32-75 Dominic Dale
Michael Holt 23-30 Julien Leclercq
Chris Wakelin 42-22 Michael White

Daniel Wells 23-46 Chris Wakelin
Dominic Dale 8-98 Julien Leclercq

Chris Wakelin 119-0 Julien Leclercq

Snooker Shoot-Out 2023 Prize Fund
Winner: £50,000
Runner-up: £20,000
Semi-Final losers: £8,000
Quarter-Final losers: £4,000
Last 16 losers: £2,000
Last 32 losers: £1,000
Last 64 losers: £500
Last 128 losers: £250 (does not count towards rankings)
Highest break: £5,000